LEGO City Surfer Rescue (60011)

Surfer Rescue Box Art

Surfer Rescue Box Art

Surfer Rescue is a small LEGO kit with great playability and better than average minifigures. Its brick value isn’t great, but that is offset by the low overall price (under $10 in our market) and the other high ratings. If you enjoy City-themed kits, you’ll want to add this one to your collection.

Build Review
** General Comments: Usually I purchase LEGO based on my interest in the kit’s theme. In this case, I bought the set to get the shark. It was the box art that snared me, and throughout the short build, I kept the box in view because it made me grin just to look at it. I hope you will do the same.


Jumble of Bricks

Jumble of Bricks

The photo above shows the pieces of the kit dumped on the table in a jumble. You can see that the majority of the pieces are specialized bricks like the surfboard, inverted roof, boat hull, and life ring. 


Finished Kit

Surfer Rescue Ready for Play

And here is the (mostly) finished kit. I know that I’ll want to use the skidoo’s bricks in other constructions, so I left the decals off the final build. You also see the collection of extra pieces, which I have decided the shark ate and then regurgitated. Your play scenarios may vary. All in all, you get a pretty good collection of toys for a such a small number of bricks.


Kit Ratings
** Playability: 4 out of 5 bricks. Surfer Rescue is a fun scenario for playability, and the mix of minifigures, bricks, and the shark work really well together. It is always pleasant to be reminded of how much can be made from a small number of bricks, and this kit will deliver that experience to you. As a result, Surfer Rescue gets a strong rating in the Playability category.

** Minifigures: 4 out of 5 bricks. For its size, this set has an unusually high number of minifigures, which is great. Unfortunately, the figures themselves are fairly average. They have minimal, if any, printing on the torso and legs, and they use heads that are probably duplicates of ones already in an average City-themed collection. On the other hand, two minifigures and a shark for under $10 is a great deal.

** Brick Value: 3 out of 5 bricks. This small set sells in our local market at a price that translates to $.28 per brick, which is a shockingly high price per brick. This is offset by the fact that the actual cost of the kit is still less than $10, and it contains two minifigures, a shark, and enough bricks to piece together some fun toys for playing out scenarios. These factors combine for an average rating in the Brick Value category.

** Overall Rating: 11 bricks out of 15. Surfer Rescue is a good set with strong playability for the number of pieces in the kit and excellent value in the number of minifigures, and of course, it comes with a shark. This set makes a fun, inexpensive addition to any City-themed collection.


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