LEGO Creator Elves’ Workshop (40106)

I went shopping today and picked up a few kits that I’ll be reviewing over the next few weeks, so watch out for them. With that purchase I got this free gift. I have never picked up a theme or holiday set before, so this is new to me. After building it and seeing how cool it was I will likely keep it built and add it to the Christmas decorations we put around the house at that time of year. I might even be encouraged to add to it as the years go on.
Build Review
The set comes with one instruction manual, 4 bags, and two loose plates. It also has minifig scale tools and paintbrushes, which I always like.
Here’s a photo of of a couple of fun little (pun intended) minifigs. They have great details like the scarves and tools in the back pocket.
Photo 2014-10-05, 8 47 05 PM
Here are lots of toys that have been built by the elves.
Photo 2014-10-05, 8 47 54 PM
The set makes a nice little scene to put around the house at the holiday time.
Photo 2014-10-05, 8 48 10 PM
Kit Ratings

** Playability: 1 out of 5 bricks. I would not call this the most playable kit, but it will look nice on the mantle. ** Minifigures: 3 out of 5 bricks. Great detail and interesting subject matter is what gets the points on this one. I really like the detail of the ears on the hats and double sided printing on the torso. ** Brick Value: 4 out of 5 bricks. Free bricks always come at a high value, but I did have to spend enough at the store to get this kit. ** Overall Rating: 8 bricks out of 15. For something that was given to me for free, I think LEGO did a great job keeping the quality high, and I am sure it will be a talking point at my house for years to come. If you are out shopping and another small set like the Arctic snowmobile pushes you over the limit to receive this giveaway, then I think you will be happy with both those choices.


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