LEGO Series 13 Minifigures (71008)

When I first emerged from my Dark Age, my passion was collecting and building Star Wars ships. I was all about the ships. The minifigures were just these extra things that came with the space ships. But as I started to build my own creations, my appreciation of minifigures changed. Now I often look to a minifigure as a starting point for a new scene, which brings us to the LEGO Minifigure series. They are great for both LEGO and the fan base, because they allow LEGO to provide figs into a theme they might not explore in sets, and they ensure that MOCs look great and can be built in any theme, active or not.
Now, on to the minifigures in Series 13!

Series 13 Minifigs

Since we know the only thing you really want to know is, how do I make sure I get the minifigure I was hoping for, we included some helpful hints.

Galaxy Trooper (3 out 5)

I don’t have any Galaxy Sets, so I am not sure how standard this character is in that sub-theme. The individual included in this series has great printing on torso, legs, and head. There is also a body armour piece with clips to attach the gun, which I just love. My critique is that I would have preferred a visor instead of a printed face that only works with the helmet on.

How to find it:  Feel for one of the double barrelled guns. You can feel the texture or the upper barrel, and the space between them. If you are unsure find the second gun.

Galaxy TrooperGalaxy Trooper

Lady Cyclops (4 out of 5)

I missed out on the original Cyclops because I was only collecting Star Wars at the time. It was an MOC built by my friend using the original Cyclops that got me thinking about building something other than official sets. I look forward to seeing how he changes that MOC now that this girl is available.

How to find it:  Grab the club with its thin handle and wider end, which can be easily found inside the package. If you are still not sure, then feel for the spike on top of the head, but be aware that the spike feels a lot like the unicorn horn, so I would use the head spike only for confirmation.

IMG_0755Lady Cyclops

Hot Dog Man (5 out of 5)

You had me at Hot Dog. I love this minifig, so look to see my sigfig dressed up in this costume often. I hope that LEGO releases a bunch of figs in food-related costumes. Might I suggest Bacon.

How to find it: The body of the hot dog is your target: it’s easy to find, and I cannot describe it any plainer without it sounding dirty.

IMG_0769 IMG_0770

Disco Diva (3 out 5)

Disco will never die if the keep making minifigs like this! With printing on all arms, torso, and legs, this fig looks great. To be honest, it was the one fig that interested me the least when the details of series 13 were first released, but now it gives me hope that we might soon see a Disco Stu(d) in the Simpsons sets.

How to find itThe first thing you want to find is the microphone, but this is small and hard to find. You can also try to find the skates. Just make sure you don’t confuse it with the bone. If you’re still in doubt, go for the Afro. For me, it was the easiest thing to find, but unless you can feel the texture of the hair, you might be handling something else from one of the other minifigs.
Disco Diva Disco Diva

Samurai (3 out of 5)

I am sure Flicker is going to re-explode with Asian-based MOCs now that this fig is out. The printing on the torso is covered in body armour that has its own printing and texture. My only critique is that I would have given up one of the swords to get one of the helmets (4646810) that are featured in Emma’s Karate Class (41002).

How to find it: Even though the body armour is easy to find, it might be mistaken for the Galaxy Trooper’s torso. I suggest trying to find a sword after you’ve found the body armour, then locate the second sword. Just make sure it is not the same sword, or you might end up with a king.
Samuri Samuri

Fencer (4 out of 5)

People who know me know that I love when complexity comes out of simplicity, and this fig embodies that for me. The execution is so simple, elegant, and effective that I have a hard time expressing my enjoyment. It has also inspired my entry into a local LEGO show. Yes, I will post photos of it when it is done!

How to find itThe thin blade of the foil is unmistakable once you find it. It takes time to find, as it often gets stuck under the display plate.
Fencer Fencer

Evil Wizard (5 out of 5)

This is the cheesiest evil wizard I have ever seen, and that is what makes this minifig so awesome. The cape comes in two cloth pieces to get that high collar effect. Also, you can’t be evil without a goatee, and if how evil you are is relative to how long your goatee is, then this is one bad mother.

How to find it: Look for the handle of the staff, not the shaft, since that could be the Snake Charmer’s flute. The wizard’s staff handle has a very distinctive shape and stands out in the package. If you are in doubt after you find the handle, then find that goatee, which is squishy. Don’t use the goatee as your primary locating toll, however, since several figs in the series are sporting some facial hair. This is also the only fig in the series without feet, which may help you, too.
IMG_0775 IMG_0776

Carpenter (3 out of 5)

I have a strong suspicion that this minifig was included as a reason to release his accessories. I am sure many people are going the pick up this fig just to get that board. It has great printed detail and will add needed graphics to so many MOCs. The fig is still well done with appropriate printing on the torso and legs, but I feel with that board and saw, I could make anyone look like a construction worker.

How to find itFeel around for for the 2×4 (it is actually an 1 x4 tile). It is easy to find, and there is no other element like it in this series (and I really hope I find it on the pick-a-brick wall soon). If there is any doubt you have the Carpenter, then try the find the saw. If anything, you might have already found it and thought it was the board. Either way, you have the right fig.
Construction Worker Construction Worker

Egyptian Warrior (3 out of 5)

It is not just the sword and shield that make this warrior look ferocious. His torso has printing front and back with detail in the way the bandages wrap, and his sword and shield are not just for show.

How to find it: Though the shield is the most definitive item in finding this minifigure, I found the sword easier to identify. If you find the shield first, use the sword to confirm. If you are still not sure the, you can find the head pieces, but it takes some poking the make sure that is what you have found.
Egyptian Warrior Egyptian Warrior

Alien Trooper (3 out of 5)

He’s green, has tentacles on its face, and is armed with a ray gun. What more could you want from an alien trooper? For me this minifig has little draw as content, but the craftsmanship is superb. The detail on the head and torso are wonderful.

How to find it: Set your sights on the gun scope (get it?). It sticks out and is easy to find. You might think the head would be the second piece you would look for, but I found that the disk at the end of the gun was easier to find and confirm the shape.
Alien TrooperAlien Trooper

Palaeontologist (3 out of 5)

With the recent success of the Ideas Research Institute set (21110), it is no shock to me that this minifigure has made her appearance. It should be as big a hit as the Research Institute has been. The Palaeontologist has some great printing on the arms and feet, and though the 1×1 printed piece is going to be a huge hit. My critique is that I would have traded that generic bone for a digging trowel.

How to find it: Just search for the bone. It sticks out, and once you find it, you know what it is. If you need a second item to confirm you have found this fig, just find the 1×1 round tile, but you should not need it once you have the bone.
Palaeontologist Palaeontologist

Goblin (3 out of 5)

This is not your Tolkien goblin. He has a much more “story book” feel, which I think is a very refreshing look. He only comes with one expression, and man it makes me wonder what he has in that bag.

How to find itMy first attempt to identify this fig led me to look for the bag, but that was much more difficult than I thought it would be,. So use the sword. Its curved blade is easier to find. After finding the sword, if you are still worried about what you’re holding, then search for the bag. You need the get a hold of the handle to be sure that it is not the head piece from the Snake Charmer.
Goblin Goblin

Snake Charmer (3 out of 5)

I am not a fan of snakes, even the plastic kind, so I have mixed feelings about this minifig. On one side I like that they have provided a new snake and not that red one. On the other side, this minifig has a snake! To be fair, the designers did a great job on the snake: it is softer that I expected and can be clicked into place.

How to find itThe first thing you need to find is the flute used to charm the snake. The second thing you need to do is find the Snake Charmer’s feet. This is the only way to eliminate the Evil Wizard, who has a robe (no feet). Last, you can try to find the snake. This takes more time but it is a powerful confirmation.
Snake Charmer Snake Charmer

Unicorn Girl (4 out of 5)

My first Minifigure Series fig was the Chicken Suit Guy. I also have the Pig and Panda, and I will likely wear my fingers to nubs to get all of these animal costume figs. The hardest thing about keeping this minifig in my collection will be keeping it out of my daughter’s MOCs. I am pretty sure that she is going to have a singing Unicorn in every creative build she starts from now on.

Spoiler Alert: In all the photos I had seen of this fig, I did not notice the tail. It really sells the concept and could have so easily been left out. Golf clap to the designers on that one.

How to find it: Find the head: the ears stick out and you can fit your finger in the space made for the face. This might not leave you with a lot of confidence, so look for the tail. Since I did not know it was there at first, I only knew to look for it after I had opened the first one. Also, if you have the head, then find the horn. It is same shape as the Disco Diva’s microphone, so be sure about the unicorn head.
Unicorn GirlUnicorn Girl

Sheriff (3 out of 5)

There is a new Sheriff in town, literally. This is a new Sheriff minifig. From what I read on the internets, the highlight of this fig is the wanted poster. That, and he seems to be wearing Rick Grimes’ hat. I personally like that LEGO has found better ways to add the facial hair without printing it on the figs’ heads.

How to find it: You can’t be the Sheriff without your hat. Squeeze items between your fingers till you find the top of the hat, then rub around to make sure that what you have has a brim. To confirm you did not just find something else on top of the display tile, you might need to search for the gun or the 2×2 wanted tile. Either of these might be better identifiers, but I found them harder to find than the hat.
Sheriff Sheriff

Classic King (3 out of 5)

It is good to be king! You get all the burgers you can eat, and nobody will make fun of your pants. The bad side is that nobody will tell you not to wear those pants, they are horrible. Not horrible in the way they are printed, because that part is great.

Spoiler Alert: When you see this fig in pictures, you might not notice that the cap is 2 pieces of fabric and it uses 3 holes over the normal 2 holes to attach it. I needed 3 hands to assemble this fig: one to hold the cap, one to hold the beard, and one to put the head on. And one to face palm how hard that was to put together.

How to find. A king is defined by his crown, but I did not find him that way. Normally it was his beard or sword. They stand out and are quick to feel. If you find the sword, though, you might want to confirm it is not the Samurai. The sure way to confirm it is the king is to find the crown. This takes more time since you need to have it sit flat and follow the contour of the points on top.
Classic King Classic King


4 thoughts on “LEGO Series 13 Minifigures (71008)

  1. This Alien Trooper (Zoidberg) is a 4/5 for me. When I first saw the line up of figs in this series, the Alien inspired me to start working on some space builds. Too much have I built the classic space themed ships. Now I think it’s time to see some Alien space craft. This Alien’s space craft definitely needs an examination table and a bay to hold abducted cows.

  2. Thanks for the great pictures and descriptions. I have only been collecting minifigs in the last year and completely OBSESSED!

    • I know, I used to not pay attention to the minifigs. Then Jay started pointing out to me how awesome they are, now I can’t get enough. I even went as a minifig for Halloween.

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