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cropped-cropped-brickradar-01.pngBrick Radar is the work of two Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) who use our children as excuses to accumulate way more LEGO than we should. Our mission is to bring you reviews, news, and photos of LEGO products and events. We also highlight the work of our community members, so please send us photos and descriptions of your best custom creations so that we can share them on the site.

Our email address: info@brickradar.com

Our Review Ratings

Brick Radar reviews what we call “kits”. A kit normally contains some number of bricks and at least one minifigure and is designed by LEGO primarily as a toy. When we review LEGO products that don’t meet these criteria, we will point that out in the introduction to the review. Based on our definition of a kit, these are the criteria we use to assign our ratings.

    • Playability:
    • Our most subjective rating, playability is a combination of moving parts, play scenarios, and ability to spark creativity. We also rate how well a set combines with other sets to expand the theme’s imaginative universe. We rely on our kids’ input, but we’re not above swooshing space ships in the interests of pure research.
    • Minifigures:
    • In this category we assess the exclusivity of the minifig, how well it represents its subject matter, and the quality of its production. We also look at the kit’s ratio of bricks per minifigure making this rating a mix of subjective and objective criteria.
    • Brick Value:
    • This rating combines the price per brick, the uniqueness of individual bricks included in the kit, and whether the kit contains brick colors that are different or unusual. We also look at the overall price of the set to gauge its accessibility. This is the least subjective of our ratings
    • Overall Rating:
    • This rating combines the scores from playability, minifigures, and brick value and ranges from 3 to 15. Kits with overall scores of 8 or lower were below par in one or more of our categories. Kits with overall scores of 10 or more excelled in one or more areas.


    • Even though Scott has all the traits that are normally found in a computer Nerd — he loves Star Wars, LEGO, computer games, and comic book heroes — he is not your typical geek.
    • Though his passion for LEGO came from wanting to build all the space vehicles in the Star Wars theme, he now find himself collecting and building kits across all themes — when he can pull himself out from behind his computer.
    • Jay is a relative newcomer to brick fanaticism, his first kit being the X-Wing Starfighter that LEGO released in 2012.
    • He has been enthusiastically building ever since, much to the increasing dismay of his long-suffering wife. Jay’s favorite theme remains Star Wars with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit tied for second place.


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If you have a set you would like us to review, or one you have reviewed and want to share, send us an email! info@brickradar.com

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